Francesco’s Pizzeria, Lower Parel

Francesco’s pizzeria has been in the news a lot in the past for successfully using a remote-controlled four-rotored drone for delivering pizzas in and around the city that could effectively beat the never ending traffic jam problems posing glitches for the pizza delivery service! This superb technological innovation wasn’t approved by the Mumbai police though, since the restaurant allegedly didn’t have permissions from the civil aviation authorities to fly drones in the air! It’s one of the reasons why I have been longing to go to this place ever since,apart from the fact that this place serves gourmet pizzas and a staunch Italian cuisine lover that I am, it made my intentions to visit this place even stronger!




This place is located right at the entrance of the Phoenix mall in Lower Parel, but ain’t that easy to spot if you aren’t paying attention as the glass panes and simple decor gels very well with the surroundings, making it indistinguishable.




There’s nothing flashy about the ambience yet it doesn’t fail to please you with it’s simplicity alone.  The decor is minimalistic with unfinished bricked walls painted white and some convex round mirrors on the walls in certain places (significance unknown). The outlet is small with around 6-8 tables and the simple white cabinets at the kitchen counter with a small blackboard with the season’s specials chalked out on it, giving it an appearance of a small home-styled cafe somewhere in Italy.




Pollo Cacciatore – 4.5/5



These were Chicken drumsticks cooked to perfection with garlic, white wine and rosemary sauce. The chicken tasted absolutely delicious with a very unique flavour imparted by the  gravy. Although, I wasn’t able to make out the rosemary flavour in the gravy as the dish name suggested. Nevertheless, this starter was a super hit!


Garlic Ciabatta Mini Loaf with Cheese – 5/5



Small, cushiony soft loaves of Garlic bread made in the house with herbed and garlic butter and topped with oodles of cheese that so beautifully threaded out as we took a bite into them. Blissful indeed!


Rughetta- 5/5



A lip smacking delicious salad made up of Rocket leaves, kalamata olives and chicken tossed in sundried tomatoes dressing with shaved parmesan cheese and Grissini crunch. Simply superb! The olive oil used to toss the salad imparted it’s own flavour that complemented the tanginess of the sundried tomatoes dressing very well. I’m not very much a salad person, yet I totally loved this one!


Peri Peri Chicken Pizza – 4.5/5



A thin crust pizza topped with Periperi chicken pieces,spring onion leaves, mozzarella cheese and drizzled with coriander and lime mayonnaise. Yummmm!


The Notorious Nachos Pollo Pizza – 4.5/5



This one was a pizza with a Mexican twist or as I call it, a pizzeria’s version of the mexican classic finger food – nachos with beans, salsa and sour cream! Topped with refried beans, fire roasted salsa, fajita spiced chicken, jalapenos, sour cream along with bits of nacho chips, this one was absolutely delicious with a peculiarly hot and strong tangy flavour.


Spaghetti Aglo Olio – 5/5



Spaghetti cooked to perfection in garlic infused olive oil and garnished generously with chilli flakes which gave it some extra heat and spice. Brilliant! There are very few restaurants that are capable of nailing this pasta to perfection and this is yet another place that gets added to my ‘perfectly cooked spaghetti’ list.


Lasagne with Chicken – 5/5



The deliciousness of this one absolutely took me by surprise, given the fact that most restaurants absolutely screw it up by adding way too much of cheese and negligible amount of veggies or meat. The one served here was surprisingly superb! With plenty of chicken alternating the lasagna sheet layers and good amount of cheese on top, this one was an absolute killer!


Francesco’s Signature Broffle – 5/5






I’m a total sucker for waffles! And I have heard so many people rave about their signature Broffle, that there was absolutely no chance that I leave the place without trying this one. And I’m glad we did! A unique combination of Chocolate Brownie + waffle results in a culinary brilliance called the Broffle! The wonderful aroma of the chocolate brownie that filled the air around us while our Broffle was in the making, got me drooling in anticipation. Once it arrived on the table and we dug into it, it was such an absolute bliss to taste that anything I say to describe this epitome of deliciousness would be an understatement!


Torta Di Formaggio – 2.5/5



This was their version of the classic cheesecake. Cheesecakes are supposed to be so soft in consistency, but this one totally lacked it. The consistency was firmer and it totally killed the essense of this dessert! The only saving grace was the blueberry compote used for the garnish. A huge disappointment!



Nutella Cookies- 4/5



One of the attendants gave us some of their tiny and cute looking Nutella cookies to taste. It consisted of two cookies with some Nutella spread sandwiched in between them which tasted superb! We totally loved it!




The staff seemed to give us a very cold expressionless look at first as we entered in, leaving us with an impression that we aren’t welcome here. Many a times the first impression becomes the last one and a grim face can be an absolute turn off, so I suggest them to wear smiles on their faces whenever people are entering to dine in. I have absolutely no complaints about the service other than this though. As we settled down the service got very warm, welcoming, kind and attentive. The dishes were changed after every course and all our needs were taken care of promptly, ensuring that we had a good time.




We had booked a table for four via WowTables on a weekday for dinner which cost us approximately 650 INR per person for a 4-course meal, which was definitely a steal and totally worth every penny!




Food quality – 4.5/5


Food quantity – 4.5/5


Ambience – 3.5/5


Service – 4/5


VFM – 4/5

High Definition pictures by : Prithvish Ashar

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