Bombay Bread House, Kharghar

A very much needed gourmet sandwich outlet in Kharghar, Bombay Bread House is located very near to Utsav Chowk, run by two people (co-owners who manage the place by themselves). This place is just a few months old now and doesn’t fail to satisfy the taste-buds of numerous residents in the area with all the delicious food that they have been dishing out ever since they started.




Don’t get judgemental by the small area that this eatery is spread across as many a times happiness arrives in small packages people say. This cute little place, which is predominantly a take away place with some comfortable seating arrangements for the ones dining in, is not just a complete treat to the eyes but also very warm, welcoming and homely with a big heart! The wallpaper made of wine labels from around the globe is very interesting and what’s more happening is the music being played here which ensures that you don’t get bored waiting while your food is in the making. Not a music lover? Well, the co-owner at the desk is sure to make you comfortable with a nice chat while your food is being made! The dining area is very clean and hygienic.




As the name suggests, this is predominantly a sandwich place which not just serves you delicious sandwiches but also a variety of appetizers, soups, salads, pasta and beverages. Here’s another fun fact! They make their own bread!! They offer you three different varieties of bread to choose from for your sandwiches according to your taste preference, which include- Italian herbed bread, french baguette and whole-wheat bun along witha variety of dips to enjoy your sandwiches with. They also make their own dips which can be separately bought in jars for home.


Coming to the food I have tasted so far:


Jalepeno Cheese Poppers – 4.5/5



Simply mind blowing this one! Crispy on the outside containing oodles of cheese with finely diced Jalepenos within! The cheese oozing out as I took a bite was simply food-gasmic! The Cocktail sauce served along with this one totally complemented the dish making it even more delectable!


Chicken Poppers – 4.5/5



Fried thin boneless Chicken pieces with a crispy crust and absolutely well cooked meat within, served with Barbeque sauce. Simply superb! The consistency and flavour of the barbeque sauce deserves a special mention here! Well done!


Megatron -4.5/5


Their menu boasts that it’s too much meat for a person to handle while I say “no food is ever too much for a foodie!”Italian herbed bread stuffed generously with Chicken sausages, chicken salami, smoked chicken, fried eggs, bell peppers, tomatoes lettuce and spiced mayo made in the house. Such a meaty affair and so amazingly delicious!!


Smoke house – 4.5/5



I was so in love with the Italian herbed bread when I had it for the first time that everytime I happened to be here ever since, that’s been my only choice. Italian bread loaves stuffed with yummilicious chicken salami tossed in garlic butter, smoked chicken, fried eggs, green bell peppers, tomatoes, lettuce and mayo. Mind blowing again!


English Chicken Salad – 5/5



‘Amazing’ got multiplied by infinity when I tasted this delicious and gorgeous looking sandwich! Abundant and yummmazing coleslaw made of finely shredded cabbage, finely diced tomatoes and bell peppers in a creamy homemade mayonnaise along with absolutely juicy chunks of chicken that rested on a bed of lettuce inside the delicious, soft and fluffy Italian herbed bread loaves. Such deliciousness! I didn’t bother even a tad bit about my hands getting messy while enjoying this epitome of deliciousness and shamelessly wiped offall the filling oozing out of the sandwich onto the plate, with the help of the potato chips served alongside, as wasting such delicious food would be a heinous crime!


The Birdy Dance – 4/5



One of the very basic sandwiches prepared here, this one was humbly delicious! Filled with yummilicious char-grilled chicken and plenty of bell peppers adding the amazing crunch to the sandwich along with oodles of garlic aioli resting on lettuce into my all-time favourite Italian herbed bread, this one was delicious, flavoursome, garlicky and crunchy! Amazing again!




The service here is just impeccable! The owners are wonderful hosts and their politeness, warmth and hospitality brings the fact to light that they indeed are very much concerned about customer satisfaction and are not only up for any suggestions and feedback but also look forward to implementing them.




The pricing seems apt for the portions of food served to you. For reasonably good portions of delicious food, the warm and welcoming ambience and the kind hospitality, I consider this place an absolute value for money!




This place is just a few months old yet doesn’t fail to make it’s mark in Kharghar. This review is based on multiple visits, which alone speaks for their consistency in dishing out amazing food!


Food quality – 4.5/5


Food quantity – 4/5


Ambience – 4/5


Service – 5/5


VFM – 4/5


Keep it up Bombay Bread House!

Bon Appétit!

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