The Beer Cafe, International Airport

Delayed flight has got you stranded at the airport at 2 A.M. with nothing to do? Well, take my advice, stop ranting about it and head straight to The Beer Cafe located bang opposite departure terminal-2 and drink to that!  **winks**


With more than 50 different varieties of beer originating from 17 countries across the world, The Beer Cafe has marked it’s presence as India’s first ‘Pour your own Beer’ chain. With such an extensive variety of beers, this place has always been more about beer and less about food. But the one at Chakala, at the International airport also boasts a variety of other beverages like hot and cold teas and coffees, milkshakes, smoothies and lassies, a new and improved food menu as they claim and are also open 24×7!


We were a group of 12 food bloggers invited for the exclusive beer tasting session and to enjoy the absolutely marvellous Beer Cocktails, along with some other yummy beverages,  delicious food and desserts!



Spread across a wide area, this cafe in it’s bright yellow colour is very welcoming! They have a wide spread veranda with outdoor seating arrangements as well! The bar counter is very well placed in the centre of the cafe as you enter in, with beer taps and canisters spread across and the well arranged beer pints give the bar a verypicture-perfect appearance! The table mats exhibit some beer trivia which is interesting! The clean interiors, comfortable seating and the music all makes it an amazing, fun and absolutely inviting atmosphere!


BEERS: [5/5]


Bira White –

WP_20151219_bira 20_07_38_Pro.jpg

A wheat beer from Belgium; this one tasted delicious! It’s low on bitterness and has a hint of spicy citrus. A beer with such soft finish is sure to be liked by all, even the ones trying beer for the first time.


Doppelganger –


This one is a domestic beer brewed in India by India Gateway Brewing Co. It’s a dark wheat beer, brown in colour, with a slightly fruity and malty taste. Loved it!


White Zen –


A spicy wheat beer brewed in India again by India Gateway Brewing Co. with hints of clove to add spice to it along with the sweetish taste of banana. Delicious and easy to drink!


Summer Salute-


A bitter beer from India of the IPA (Indian Pale Ale) variety. It had a  distinctive pine and citrus aroma and more bitterness than any other beer made in India.


Erdinger –


A wheat beer from Germany, brewed by fermentation using fine yeast according to a traditional recipe, in strict accordance with the Bavarian purity law. It takes around 3-4 weeks to mature and make it consumable. This one was very light to taste; in fact had no specific taste at all. I enjoyed it!


Amigos –


Well known as “tequila beer”, this pale lager from United Kingdom is made by incorporating south American lime and real Mexican tequila into it to give it a zesty and refreshing taste. It compliments a variety of foodstuffs and is a perfect beverage for summers. Loved this one too!


Asahi –


A rice beer from Japan, dry, medium light yellow in colour and dry. It was faintly sweet with a bitter start that faded away giving a very light bitter or rather sweet aftertaste.


Tsingtao –

A lager from China, which had apleasant aroma, a well balanced and high malty taste thatwould perfectlycompliment Chinese cuisine.




A pilsner from Estonia, this beer is considered as holy water by the Estonians since it’s made in the church. A refreshing beer indeed! The octahedral shape of the bottles are inspired by the towers and churches of the historical capital of Estonia.


Scottish Charger-

While Scotland is known for it’s malts, this one is a beer from Scotland! Comprising of 8 percent alcohol by volume, it is rightly named as the ‘Charger’! Made of barley, It had a sweetish and malty flavour. Since, this beer is a tad bit sweet to taste, it goes well with cheese and spicy food as accompaniments.



This one is named after an aeroplane used by England in the 50th britain battle. It is a mild beer comprising of Raspberries and pepper. Had an amazing peppery spicy taste to it. Superb!




Blue Flip-


A beautiful looking blue concoction made by a blend of passion fruit and blue lagoon in beer giving it a tropical touch. Tasted absolutely refreshing!


CrazyNuts –


An amazing mix of raspberries and hazelnuts in beer garnished with lime wedges. Brilliance again!


Sweet Pepper –


Yet another amazing concoction of beer,strawberries and grapes and black pepper topped with lime wedges. The black pepper gives a mild spice to the drink!


Beer Mule-


Amazing blend of ginger,cucumber and lime juice in beer,along with some Vodka. The only brewtail that I didn’t quite like.


BeerRita –

A beer-y version of the classic Margherita made by mixing triple sec, tequila and lime along with beer!A sip into this beauty unlocks an amazing burst of flavours, which are a tad bit bitter, sometimes sweet and sometimes sour. A must have!




Oreo Cookie Shake – 4/5


Delicious, thick and frothy mix of milk and Oreo. Amazing but a tad bit too sweet for my taste! A little more Oreo and a little less sugar would be perfect!




The Hulk – 3.5/5


A shareable vegetarian platter of starters which consisted of onion rings, spring rolls, bruschetta and french fries served with chipotle mayo, home made salsa and sweet chilly sauce. Delicious!


Sixteen Till I Die – 3.5/5


A non vegetarian shareable starter consisting of 16 chicken wings tossed in chilly garlic, bbq sauce, spicy chipotle sauce and classic wing sauce served with a tazaki dip. A perfect accompaniment to the beer! Super-yumm!


Chicken supreme pizza – 3/5


A thin crust pizza topped with barbeque chicken, mushrooms, peppers and jalepenos. Tasted good but slightly less spicy;it sure has scope for improvement.


Garden fresh pizza – 3/5


A thin crust vegetarian pizza topped generously with a variety of bell peppers, baby corn, cherry tomatoes, jalepenos and olives. Tasted good yet again!


Club Sandwich – 4/5


An absolutely yummilicious club sandwich stuffed with Chicken, Fried Eggs, Bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and onions. Served with some crispy, mildly spiced up french fries and mayonnaise; we were good to go!


BLT – 5/5


Undoubtedly, the star of the meal! Fresh and fluffy French Baguette filled with crispy bacon, lettuce and sliced tomatoes and accompanied with french fries again! Well done!


Chicken biryani – 3/5


Delicious and moderately spiced Chicken biryani served with raita, mint chutney and laccha onions. The vegetarians amongst us had the veg biryani which tasted similar sans the chicken.


Penne Pasta – 3/5


Penne cooked in a rich and delicious creamy sauce and served with two garlic bread loaves. Tasty but somehow the wow factor was missing!




Before mentioning about the desserts served to us in detail, I must mention that the desserts served here are outsourced and not made in the house.


Pineapple Gateau – 3.5/5


A soft, spongy, fresh and creamy and delicious pastry with a mild flavour of pineapple. A sweet end to our amazing beer and food session!


Blueberry Cheese Cake – 3.5/5


The name was a misnomer to this dish. While I was awaiting a delicious cheese cake, the dessert that came to our table was more of a muffin! The muffin was absolutely delicious though, soft and fluffy as we tried to cut through it. So, no complaints about the taste factor.




Handling a humongous crowd of almost a dozen food bloggers’ food and beer needs as well patiently answering all our queries about how the beers were made and where and what went into the making of a particular dish is quite a task! A huge applause and a big shout out to the team of the beer cafe for doing it so well! Every attendant had good knowledge about the beers being served to us and they efficiently handled us all without turning the dining experience into a chaos!




Beer – 5/5

Beer Cocktails – 4.5/5

Food – 3.5/5

Ambience – 4/5

Service – 4.5/5


Overall, a fun, bright and cheerful place to enjoy some beer with friends and have fun or an ideal place for some beer and relaxation after work. The food is good, with one or two of the entrées outshining the food menu; if not great but, doesn’t disappoint you for sure! The beer and the beer cocktails that this place is predominantly known for, are simply amazing! That makes this place a must visit for all the beer lovers!!!

Thank you TBC for being such a wonderful host and thank you all my fellow bloggers for a wonderful evening!



Pictures of the brewtails – Courtesy: Dhruv Shah

The Beer Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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