Boveda, Andheri Lokhandwala

Boveda (Bo-Vay-Dah), a bar that’s not just known for it’s amazingly lively ambience, late night parties but also for their extensive Sunday brunches, is located in Andheri link road opposite Infinity mall.

The ambience is amazing with dimly lit interiors with shady wooden lanterns, bricked and concrete walls giving the interiors a very rustic and unfinished appearance, cosy couches and the fantabulous music collection! The day’s specials are chalked onto the blackboard on one of the walls. The outdoor seating area seems good too. As you enter the door, it’s as if you are entering into another world altogether.

We enjoyed our lunch with a variety of mocktails and Refried Bean Nachos, Honey Chilli Potato, Spaghetti Aglo Olio E Pepperoncini, Penne Alfredo, Lamb Chilli Nachos, Spiced Honey Mustard Wings, Goan Chorizo Pao Slider, Spiced Grilled Chicken Burger, Cottage Cheese Pesto Veggie Slider, Feast Pizza and Paprika Cottage Cheese Steak. No meal is ever complete without desserts! To satiate our sweet tooth, we ordered the Chocolate Tarts.

Coming to the food:
Lamb Chilli Nachos – 5/5

Perfectly crispy nacho chips made in the house with cheddar cheese sauce, jalepenos and minced lamb meat, seasoned with cajun spice and served with homemade sour cream, tomato salsa and guacamole. Bang on!

Refried Bean Nachos – 4.5/5

Crispy homemade nacho chips with slow cooked refried beans, cheddar cheese sauce and jalepenos which tasted delicious, seasoned with Cajun spice and served with homemade sour cream, tomato salsa and Guacamole that totally complemented the dish. Amazing!

Spiced Honey Mustard Wings – 4/5

Chicken wings marinated with honey-mustard tossed in a oriental sauce. Amazing again! We instantly got ready to get our hands messy and indulge into this delicious goodness!

Honey Chilli Potato – 4/5

Made by Deep frying potatoes tossed in honey-chilli paste. Crispy and delicious again! Perfect finger food to go with the drinks!

Goan Chorizo Pao Slider – 4.5/5

Spicy Pork sausages tossed with onions and potatoes, served in local Pao with butter and lettuce. Delicious yet again! The meat was absolutely well cooked, juicy, tender and not over done and the onions gave a slight crunch to every bite.

Cottage Cheese Pesto Veggie Slider – 4/5

Thin cottage cheese steaks with pesto tossed vegetables served in local Pao with mayo, onions and lettuce. The pesto added some spice element to the dish. My fellow vegetarian pals enjoyed it.

Spaghetti Aglo Olio E Pepperoncini – 5/5

It was Spaghetti pasta cooked with Garlic, fresh chillies, olive oil and parsley. The pasta was perfectly done. In most places the spaghetti is overcooked and gets kinda soggy. The chillies imparted a little and much needed spice to the dish. Perfection personified!

Penne Alfredo – 4/5

It was Penne pasta cooked in Béchamel, butter, onion and parmesan cheese. Amazing again!

Spiced Grilled Chicken Burger – 3.5/5

Burger buns filled with grilled chicken breast, pickled onions, onion olive mayo, lettuce, and sliced cheddar cheese. The chicken breast was marinated with paprika, cajun seasoning, basil and garlic. Good!

Feast Pizza – 4/5

A thin crust pizza loaded with onions, mushrooms, bell peppers, zucchini, olives and pesto base. Delicious! We couldn’t enjoyed it piping hot since by the time we finished the existing dishes on the table the pizza got slightly cold. Staying clear of the mushrooms (since I’m allergic to them) I enjoyed every bite I took.

Paprika Cottage Cheese Steak – 4/5

Amazing dish! Who says you have to be a non-vegetarian to enjoy a steak!? It consisted of layers of Grilled cottage cheese stuffed with mushroom and spinach stew and served with paprika sauce. Not only was the dish visually delightful but also was it taste wise.

Chocolate Tart – 4.5/5

Soft, creamy, chocolate ganache tart with whiskey and walnuts. Not only did the dish look pretty and perfect with it’s perfectly square tarts plated in a linear fashion, but it was also equally tasty. I could taste very subtle flavour of whiskey which seemed perfect for a dessert and not overpowering. The walnuts embedded in the tarts gave it a slight crunch. Well done!

Coming to the Mocktails we had:
Gummy Bear – 5/5


The star amongst the mocktails! Made by mixing Cranberry, mint, rosemary and sprite, this heavenly mocktail is a MUST have if you are at Boveda!

Black Vanilla – 3.5/5


A mixture of Vanilla ice cream, blackcurrant and grape juice resulted in this thick, delicious drink.
Ginger Rogers – 2.5/5


Mandarin, ginger, mint and ginger ale went into the making of this one! This one was a let down, since unlike the name of the drink it barely tasted of any ginger or had no taste at all!

Cocoberry – 3.5/5

A mocktail made of Strawberry, pineapple juice and coconut cream. Good again!

Juiced Up – 3.5/5

Orange juice, pineapple juice, cranberry juice, strawberry crush, whipped cream together constituted this one!

Masala Tini – 3.5/5

A mocktail consisting of Green apple juice, Coriander, ginger, lemongrass and lime. Tasted good again! The aroma of the drink was itself ‘masaledaar’ like the name of the drink when I brought it close to my nose before having a sip!

Ronella – 3.5/5

Amazing yet again! Tasted perfectly refreshing and soothing on a tiring hot summer afternoon.

Cucumber Cooler – 3/5

This one was quite plain to taste and reminded me of one of those detoxifying health drinks that are recommended by dieticians to the health conscious individuals. Was soothing though!

The service was very warm and welcoming. Although a tad bit slow but there are no complaints about the same since the warmth in their service, the great music collection and the amazing company made our dining experience a memorable one!

Food quality – 4/5
Food quantity – 4/5
Ambience – 4/5
Service – 3.5/5

Keep it up Boveda!


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