Tea Villa, Vile Parle

All the Tea lovers in Mumbai gear up and get ready to enjoy an absolutely marvellous and unbeatable ‘Chai’ experience of a lifetime! The fact that this place boasts 30 different varieties of green tea, 11 varieties of Indian tea,  6 varieties of coffee as well as RAW cold-pressed juices,ice teas, coolers, virgin mojitos and shakes apart from yummilicious food makes this place absolutely heart warming, heavenly and a must visit place! Having said that,I must also add that although I love almost all kinds of beverages, I’m very much a coffee person, yet I am absolutely in love with this place!

The ambience is amazing! Absolutely bright and well lit, white interiors with cosy couches and confortable and classy rotating chairs. The appearance completely pleases you with wall montage of mugs, beautiful chandeliers and fancy quotes everywhere. The music is absolutely light and non intrusive, just as it’s supposed to be. As we entered in, we took seats around a cosy corner right at the entrance. It was completely occupied on a weekday evening with some more people waiting to dine-in later as time went by. Most admirable fact of this place is that you can find people belonging to all age groups, be it oldies, youngsters with friends or families , unlike other cafés in the city.

Samples of different types of tea leaves are arranged in test tubes and flasks in one corner as you enter, not only so that people could acknowledge the various flavours and experiment with the extensive varieties of teas available here but also for knowledge about teas found around the globe. The most expensive green tea served here is the Silver Tips Imperial Tea which is handpicked only once a year under the moonlight giving the leaf tips a silver tint.

Samples in testubes
Silver Tips Imperial Tea leaves – The most expensive tea served here

Apart from a wide variety of beverages to choose from, this place also offers a wide food menu ranging from all day breakfasts, waffles, soups, salads, fondues, sandwiches, burgers, pizzas, pastas, other Chinese and Indian snacks and desserts. After being spoilt for choice, we ordered the Monkey Chief Tea, Love Flowering Tea, Jasmine Blossoms Tea, Rooibos Tiramisu Tea, Villa Special Tea, Passion Fruit Iced Tea, Fresh Lime Soda and Triple Berry Coffee amongst the beverages. For food, we decided to have Bruschetta, Exotic Italian Pizza, Indian Spicy Pizza, 4 Cheese Pizza, Cheese Fondue, Baked Lasagne, Penne Pasta in Tomato Cream, Spagheti Aglo Olio Pasta, Veg Burger, Barbeque Veg Burger, Chilly Garlic Soupy Dim Sums and Herbs French Fries. For desserts, we had Chocolate Loaded Waffles and Berry Blast Waffles.


Monkey Chief Tea – 5/5

Monkey Chief Tea leaves
Brewing of Monkey Chief Tea

This is a wild tea produced on the cliff of a particular mountain in China, where the birds would transport the seeds while flying in that direction. Since these tea plantations grew at such a height where no humans can’t reach, the humans trained some monkeys to pluck the tea leaves from those plantations on the cliff,hence the name. The leaves are dark green in colour which change to light green on brewing and the tea is very mild  with a sweet aftertaste. Amazing!


Love Flowering Tea – 5/5

The Apparatus
Love Flowering Tea leaf
Step 1: Swelling up in hot water
Step 2: Budding of the Amaranth flower
Step 3: Flowering

This is a heart shaped goodness rolled and tied by human hands and covered in coloured foil, which is unwrapped and inserted into hot water. It begins to swell, opens up in some time revealing two buds of the Amaranth flowers which gradually flower into the water, releasing a hint of Amaranth flavour in the tea. Amazing yet again!


Jasmine Blossoms Tea – 4.5/5

Brewing of Jasmine Blossoms Tea

Yet another Green tea which is prepared by placing whole jasmine flowers over a layer of green tea leaves and left to infuse overnight. This process is repeated several times until the exquisite aroma of Jasmine gets optimally infused into the tea. The tea leaves had an amazing and absolutely refreshing jasmine scented aroma and was mild to taste! Wonderful!


Rooibos Tiramisu Tea – 5/5

Rooibos Tiramisu Tea leaves
Brewing of Rooibos Tiramisu Tea

Tiramisu flavoured green tea created by infusing it with Rooibus, Barley malt, Cocoa bits, roasted Chikory roots and pieces of white chocolate. The flavour of the Tiramisu and chocolate could be easily smelt. A sip effectively reminded me of the Tiramisu dessert! Sheer brilliance!


Villa Special Tea – 5/5


Villa Special Tea

An Indian tea variety infused with Lemongrass, Elaichi, Ginger, Mint and other such Indian condiments and served with milk. Perfectly spicy and refreshing!


Passion Fruit Iced Tea – 5/5


Chilled tea with just the right amount of passion fruit flavour and lots of ice! Absolutely refreshing with appropriate tanginess imparted by the passion fruit; perfect for hot summer afternoons! Undoubtedly one of the best served in Mumbai.


Fresh Lime Soda – 5/5

Enter a caption

Arguably the best fresh lime soda that I have had in quite a long time. Loaded with ice, even this drink is sure to quench your thirst in the hot and humid weather and refresh your soul!


Triple Berry Coffee 5/5


Freshly ground coffee beans brewedand infused with a unique syrupy blend of strawberries, blueberries and raspberries, hence the name Triple Berry. It is then topped with some fresh whipped cream and shavings of chocolate! Yummm! A must have for all the coffee lovers! Mark my words, you won’t find such an excellent coffee creation anywhere else in this city!


Bruschetta – 5/5


Absolutely delicious and amazing! Crispy bread toasts abundantly topped with veggies like tomatoes, olives, etc and abundant cheese. A simple dish served with perfection!


Exotic Italian Pizza – 3.5/5

Exotic Italian Pizza

Medium-sized Delicious pizza base topped generously with Broccoli, Zucchini and Bell peppers, cheese and good quality olive oil. Amazingly delicious!


Indian Spicy Pizza – 3.5/5

Indian Spicy Pizza

Medium-sized pizza topped with Tomatoes, jalepenos, black olives and onions and abundant cheese! Yumm!


4 Cheese Pizza – 3/5

4 Cheese Pizza

Medium sized pizza topped with four different types of cheese, i.e., Cottage cheese or paneer, mozarella cheese, parmesan cheese and cheddar cheese. Delicious but still has a lot of scope for improvement.


Cheese Fondue – 4.5/5

Warm melted peppery cheese served in a pot over a portable stove with fresh exotic vegetables like carrots, baby corn and Broccoli; and croutons.


Baked Lasagne – 3.5/5

Yummy pasta Layeredwith fresh veggies and abundant melted cheese covering. As I took a bite, the slight crunch of the vegetables, the soft spinach and the cheesy crust all melted in my mouth at once. And as I am allergic to mushrooms, the attendant made a prompt note of it in the very beginning and excluded the mushrooms from this dish.


Penne Pasta in Tomato Cream – 3/5

Penne Pasta in Tomato Cream

Penne pasta cooked in tomato cream and garnished with grated cheese, delicious but I would have preferred more tanginess and a little more spice. This one turned out to be too sweet instead. The garlic bread was an absolute star! Appropriately crispy, slightly cheesy with the perfect flavour of garlic and garnished with chilly flakes. Wonderful!


Spagheti Aglo Olio Pasta – 5/5

Spagheti Aglo Olio

The star of the meal indeed! Spaghetti pasta cooked with exotic veggies like bell peppers and olives tossed with herbs, pepper and olive oil and garnished with some cheese. I’m just falling short of words to describe the goodness of this particular dish. The garlic bread, yet again, tasted perfect!


Veg Burger – 3.5/5


Burger buns filled with grilled veg patty, tomatoes, onions and abundant mayo oozing out of the sides of the burger over a bed of lettuce and served with a mayo dip and fries. Tasty!


Barbeque Veg Burger – 3.5/5


Burger buns filled with grilled veg patty along with tomatoes, a slice of cheese, caramalised onions, Bell peppers, olives and baby corn. Delicious!


Chilly Garlic Soupy Dim Sums -5/5


Absolutely delicious dim sums served in a spicy, peppery and tangy, hot soup. Perfect for the winters!


Herbs French Fries – 5/5


Crispy hot french fries tossed with spicy fresh herbs and served with herbed mayo dip. Lip smacking delicious!


Chocolate Loaded Waffles -4.5/5


Freshly baked waffles dressed abundantly with Belgian dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white  chocolate and served with the mixture of the chocolate syrups used for the dressing and vanilla ice cream! While the preparation took a good fifteen minutes, we gobbled it all down within seconds!


Berry Blast Waffles – 4.5/5


Freshly bakes waffles dressed abundantly with a puree of Blueberries, raspberries, mulberries and strawberries and served with the same puree and vanilla ice cream. Yumm! Epitome of deliciousness! This place got added to my delicious waffles list!


The service is very heart warming. The attendants take your orders on their tablets and once your order is ready, they bring it to your table. They are indeed well trained, very efficient, courteous and guide you to choose from the extensive menu!

The pricing is appropriate and totally on par with other tea and coffee lounges in the city.



Beverages – 5/5 [Simply WOW!! ]

Food quality – 4/5

Food quantity – 4/5

Ambience – 5/5

Service – 4/5

VFM – 4/5

This place is must try for it’s exclusive range of teas, freshly ground coffees, delicious food and an absolutely amazing ambience and courteous service! This outlet is soon to open it’s roof top dining area and to come up with more outlets in Mumbai! Keep it up Tea Villa!

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