Chakh Le India, Versova, Andheri

Located in Versova, amongst innumerable other eating joints and restaurants in the area, Chakh Le is indeed a forerunner in North Indian Vegetarian Street food! The concept behind this restaurant is the sole idea of the owners (who resided in Delhi few years ago) to come up with an eatery here in Mumbai that served delicious, mouth watering and absolutely hunger satisfying meals at absolutely affordable prices just the way quite a lot of small yet crowded street food joints in Delhi did during their working days. With prices starting from a mere 50 INR, this hole-in-the-wall type of eatery is heaven for all the north Indian street food lovers out here in Mumbai as this place dishes out yummilicious vegetarian Punjabi and Delhi street food which potentially transports you to those regions in North India!

The ambience is simply wonderful with colourful and bright interiors, soda bottles lined up on the walls and decorated with lights, funny images framed on the walls and bicycle wheels assembled on to the legs of the tables attached to the walls, giving it a very Punjabi Dhaba styled appearance.

We began our meal with some Bante Wala Lemon Soda followed by Dilli wale Chole Kulche, Punjabi Rajma aur Chawal, Punjabi Kadhi pakode wali aur Chawal, Mathura ki Aloo Puri, Amritsari Aloo Parathe, Amritsari Paneer Parathe, Amritsari Gobi Parathe, Pindi Chole aur Bhature and Kadai Paneer for mains. For desserts, we had Suji ka Halwa and Jame hue Jamun. We finished our meal with some Sweet Punjabi Lassi and Chaas.

Coming to the food-

Bante Wala Lemon Soda – 5/5


A replica and the Delhi variant of the famed Goti soda in Mumbai, this one was an absolutely refreshing drink to begin the meal with on a hot afternoon. It consists of a mixture of lemon soda which come in bottles similar to the ones seen in Delhi and the Banta masala. To add to the authenticity of the drink, the Banta masala is sourced from Delhi and the bottles are brought in from Meerut.


Dilli wale Chole Kulche – 5/5


It was undoubtedly one of the best dishes of the afternoon! The Kulcha was perfect! Crispy and buttery on the outside and spongy soft on the inside. The chole comprised of mashed yellow peas as the main ingredient and was perfectly spiced without much oil. Healthy yet delicious! The Apple-Banana chutney that was served along with it, was yummy too; sweet at times and tangy the other, and perfectly complimented the dish!


Punjabi Rajma aur Chawal – 5/5


I seldom have Rajma Chawal in my day to day life. Yet, this one was amazing! It was cooked perfectly and every spoonful that I had, gave me a very homely feeling!


Punjabi Kadhi pakodewali aur Chawal – 4/5


Amazing yet again! The crispy pakode soaked in the kadhi tasted amazing!The mustard flavour slightly overpowered the dish, which seemed unpleasant after a few morsels that I ate, probably because my palate is not used to strong flavours of mustard. Not at all disappointing though! On the contrary, very delicious!


Mathura ki Aloo Puri – 4.5/5


The puris that were served were absolutely crispy with a coarse grainy texture inside. Absolutely delicious yet not too oily. The aloo sabzi served with it was absolutely delicious too with well cooked and mildly spiced gravy.


Amritsari Aloo Parathe – 5/5


The star of the meal! Generously filled with moderately spiced Aloo and a thin layer of aata, it was cooked to perfection! What I loved the most about this dish was that the Dal Bukhara and Boondi raita along with it was perfect too! I haven’t had such a wonderful aloo paratha or dal bukhara since quite some time now.


Amritsari Paneer Parathe – 4.5/5


Yet again a brilliant dish! Abundantly stuffed with perfectly soft paneer and served yet again with delicious and lip smacking dal bukhara and boondi raita. Amazing!


Amritsari Gobi Parathe – 4/5


Parathe generously filled with Gobi shreds, mildly spiced and served along with the delicious dal bukhara and boondi raita yet again! The Gobi paratha was certainly not the best I have had so far. But the dal was simply brilliant yet again!


Pindi Chole aur Bhature – 5/5


The chole was absolutely yummy in a moderately spiced gravy and what made the dish even better was that the bhatura wasn’t even a tad bit oily, like it happens to be usually in most places.


Kadai Paneer – 4/5

It was mildly spiced and seemed like a yogurt based gravy with absolutely soft, melting-in-the-mouth and yummy panner sourced from the popular Anand Hi Anand Dairy in Andheri, undoubtedly of the superior quality! It sure escalated the deliciousness of the dish!


Suji ka Halwa – 4.5/5


The halwa was absolutely delicious with the right amount of sweetness (neither too much, nor too less) and generously garnished with almond shavings. Although the deliciousness did wonders, I would still prefer a little bit less ghee in the preparation.


Jame hue Jamun – 4.5/5


Such a wonderful concept! Sweet and warm Gulab jamuns served with cold yogurt. Although they taste opposite and the flavour of the yogurt mellowed down the sweetness of the gulab jamuns, the yogurt totally complimented the Gulab jamuns in a way and I absolutely loved it!


Sweet Punjabi Lassi – 4/5


The lassi was delicious too! Slight yet the right amount of sweetness along with smooth and creamy texture, but what it lacked was a little malai dressing on the top! Then, it would have been bang on!


Chaas – 4.5/5


The chaas was absolutely refreshing too! Perfectly spiced with pepper overpowering the spices and no doubt, delicious!


The service is very friendly, warm, welcoming and not to mention fast! The dhaba styled arrangement givesyou a very homely feeling!

The skillful hands responsible for such an outstanding and delicious meal!

This place is not just a value for money but an absolute steal, given the fact that one can enjoy an wholesome meal without damaging their wallets! A meal for two won’t cost you more than 500-600 INR.



Food quality – 4.5/5

Food quantity – 4.5/5

Ambience – 3.5/5

Service – 4.5/5

VFM – 4/5

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