Via Napoli, Sion

Napoli is the Italian name for the city, gulf, and province of Naples in Italy. Not only did the owner (also, the head chef)Chef Pranav Gore, dare to use the name of that province for his all-vegetarian pizzeria but he also did complete justice to the name! Before starting his own pizzeria here in Sion, he trained under Chef Oliver Sofo and Chef Ivana La Placa in Le Cordon Blue, Sydney. The use of wood fired brick oven for baking the pizzas and the authentic and unique flavours of Italy imparted to their menu transports you to the busy streets in Italy housing such amazing pizzerias!

The pizzas cooked in a Wood fired oven pizza sure tastes different and even more delicious with a slight smoky touch to it that no convectional or microwave oven available in the market would be able to imitate perfectly. The temperature inside the oven approximately ranges from 250-300 degrees. No doubt it saves plenty of time since on an average a single pizza is ready in just ninety seconds or slightly more; But also the freshness of the toppings on the pizzas remain intact and do not lose their individual flavours since no overcooking of the toppings takes place.

The ambience is great and totally appreciable for the fact that this is quite a hole-in-the-wall type of a pizzeria which is predominantly a take away place but also has outdoor dining facility. The kitchen is absolutely clean, hygienic and the interiors are very bright. The outdoor dining area has a couple of tables and few chairs and a billing counter. The clear view of the kitchen while your meal is being prepared gives it a very homely feeling too!

Our meal started with Garlic Focaccia; followed by the Quattro Formaggi, Margherita and Ortolana amongst the pizzas; Polenta and Oyster Mushrooms, Gnocchi Sorentina and Macaroni with Broccoli and cream. For desserts, we had Crostata Di Ciacolato, Hazelnut E Ciacolato pizza and Semi freddo.

Coming to the food –

Garlic Focaccia – 4.5/5


It’s their version of Garlic bread shaped in the form of triangles oozing plenty of cheese, subtle yet optimum flavour of garlic and generous use of olive oil. Brilliant!


Quattro Formaggi – 4.5/5

The making of the Quattro Formaggi
Quattro Formaggi

‘Quattro’ means four. Four different types of cheese constitute the toppings of this particular pizza, hence the name.It was an absolutely yummilicious pizza consisting of buffallo milk mozzarella, bocconcini, mascarpone and parmesan cheese. The resultant pizza turned out to be absolutely cheesy, greasy and yummy, that simply melted in the mouth the moment I took a bite.


Margherita – 5/5


This was the classic Margherita pizza topped abundantly with tangy tomato sauce, Buffalo milk mozzarella and garnished with basil leaves. A bite into this blissful slice of goodness took me straight to Italy! Simply amazing!


Ortolana – 5/5



An absolutely yummilicious pizza topped with Eggplants, zucchini, artichokes, onions and red capsicum. The eggplants and  zucchini were marinated before they went over the pizza base and the wood fired oven still retained the flavour of the marinade. The marinade not only imparted an unique burst of flavours to the pizza but also aided those toppings in binding well to the base.


Polenta and Oyster Mushrooms with cream and cheese -5/5


Polenta is a Central European dish made by boiling cornmeal into a thick solidified porridge and is then consumed either baked, fried or grilled. The polenta served here was simply amazing!! It was served in the form of two rectangular cakes with abundant shredded cheese, oyster mushrooms and creamy gravy. I ate everything other than the mushrooms, since I’m allergic to them. But every morsel that I tasted simply blew my mind! Sheer excellence! Hats off!!


Gnocchi Sorentina – 5/5


Sorentina sauce derives it’s name from the place Sorento.The Gnocchi were dumplings made of potato. The sauce had an amazingly unique flavour with the tanginess of the tomato sauce, the spiciness imparted by the pepper and the flavour of fresh basil which slightly resembled the flavour of Bolognese sauce and yet was different.  Amazing again! Bang on!


Macaroni with Broccoli and cream – 3.5/5


It was a very well cooked Macaroni pasta with Broccoli and some cheese. The cooked broccoli itself imparted the slight creamy texture to the pasta. So, there was no need of any excess cream. I liked it for sure but seemed slightly bland and dry. A little more spice or flavour element would have been perfect!


Crostata Di Ciacolato – 4.5/5

Ciacolato means Chocolate in Italian.Crostata Di Ciacolato was an absolutely amazing and delicious chocolate tart. It was garnished with a few slices of strawberries and dusted with some castor sugar. That sure is heavenly for all the chocolate lovers like me! A must try!


Hazelnut E Ciacolato Pizza – 5/5


An absolutely innovative and no doubt delicious dessert, a pizza topped generously with warm and dark chocolate smear, sliced strawberries and dusted with castor sugar. Mama Mia! Super-duper yumm!


Semi freddo – 5/5


A dense creamy dessert consisting of cream, powdered chocolate and walnuts and garnished with candied orange zest, i.e., crispy thin orange peels which were seasoned brilliantly, probably by cooking with granulated sugar and water. It not only looked so appealing but also complimented the cream perfectly. The walnuts gave a crunch to the cream while the orange zest gave a slight citrous flavour to it. Such a yummilicious dessert is not only a culinary brilliance but also a must have for all those calorie conscious dessert lovers!


The service is quick, and very warm and welcoming indeed! The dishes served to us were all explained to us in detail. This not only ensures their thorough knowledge about Italian cuisine but also their passion for the profession!

A meal for two, I.e., a pizza, a pasta and a dessert in their introductory menu would cost upto 700-800 INR approximately, which is an absolute value for money given the fact that this place dishes out indeed very delicious (only vegetarian) Italian food!



Food quality – 4.5

Food quantity – 4.5

Ambience – 3.5

Service – 4.5

VFM – 4

Well done Via Napoli!

Photo courtesy: Rakesh Jain

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