Jamjar Diner – Versova, Andheri (W)

This was the third restaurant in the first ever food walk organized by our foodie group Epicureans in Versova.
Deriving its name from the unique way of serving beverages in jam jars, this is a cute looking place which looks more like an aqua blue coloured small hut-like place with sloping roofs from the outside with no hoarding whatsoever and hence can easily be missed if you are travelling in a hurry.

But once you enter inside, this tiny looking place is a real shocker; it’s as if you are entering into a new world altogether! This place is so huge from the inside housing a dining section downstairs, a stairwell leading to the dining area upstairs and a glass door that separates the upper section from the rooftop dining area!

The ambience inside is very pleasant and the seating arrangements, the bar, the shelves along the stairwell containing stacked books, board and card games, gramophones, vinyl records, juke box, multi-coloured glass door, etc give it a very homely yet lively appearance. The tables and the chairs were kept simple with simple arrangement of water bottle, glasses on the tables, nothing fancy! So in case you have ever been in this area and decided to not enter this place based on it’s otherwise not so pleasing outer appearance, I must say you have really missed a lot!

The Simple arrangement of glasses and drinking water on the table.
The Simple arrangement of glasses and drinking water on the table.

The staff is very friendly and always wear a smile on their faces. The service is fast considering how crowded the place was when we had occupied a table in the rooftop dining area. Also, I must add that this place is always crowded!

Coming to the food:

We ordered Chicken Nachos, Corn and cheese dippers, Smoked Paprika fries, Chimichurri grilled chicken, Feta + roasted peppers + olives pizza and Flower pot surprise for dessert.

Chicken Nachos- (4.5/5)
Crispy nachos served with cooked kidney beans, chunks of well cooked boneless chicken, slices of jalepenos, etc and garnished with queso sauce, tasted just perfect!

Chicken Nachos
Chicken Nachos


Corn and Cheese Dippers- (4.5/5)
Cylindrical crispy dippers stuffed with melted cheese which oozes out as you cut them to take a bite, amazing! What makes it even more flavourful is the moderately spicy and thick Lemongrass, chilli jam that is served along with it.

Corn Cheese Dippers
Corn Cheese Dippers

Smoked Paprika fries- (4/5)
French fries dusted with paprika spices to make them hot, crispy and spicy! Delicious! What made it even more delectable was the dip served along with it.

Smoked Paprika fries
Smoked Paprika fries

Chimichurri grilled chicken – (4.5/5)
Marinated grilled chicken breast served with 4 herb chimichurri sauce, mashed potato and grilled veggies like mushrooms, carrot and zucchini. Since I’m allergic to mushrooms, I had everything except the mushrooms. The grilled chicken breast was tender, well cooked and juicy meat. The mashed potato was perfect in taste and consistency. The grilled carrot and zucchini pieces were crispy and crunchy. It was overall a wonderful dish!

Chimichurri grilled chicken
Chimichurri grilled chicken

Feta + roasted peppers + olives pizza- (3.5/5)
This was the first time ever that I liked a vegetarian pizza served to me. This large classic hand tossed pizza tasted superb!

Feta + roasted peppers + olives pizza
Feta + roasted peppers + olives pizza


Flower pot surprise – (4/5)
A pot full of a dessert made of chocolate brownie, marshmallows, vanilla ice cream and Oreo soil. It was simply delicious and it took us all just a few minutes to clean up the entire pot. It was nothing extra-ordinary just a simple compilation of the components used to make a quintessential chocolate dessert but the reason this simple dessert stands out is because of the innovative way of serving it. I so wished that the sapling was edible too; made of fondant maybe.

Flower pot surprise
Flower pot surprise

It was overall a wonderful dining experience!
Ambience- 4/5
Service- 4/5
Food quality- 4.5/5
Food quantity – 4/5
VFM – 3.8/5

Overall – 4/5

Jamjar Diner Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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